Large Overjet (Bucky Teeth)
Large Overjet

Jaclyn started her braces with Dr. Doug when she was 13 years old. She really didn't like her teeth, and one was chipped. To eliminate the need for a front filling, Dr. Doug made the tooth longer then trimmed it. Jaclyn's smile looks teriffic now. She has to fight the boys off with a stick!


It's pretty obvious why Michael came running into our office at age 8. The spaces were closed by 9 years old. Dr. Doug did the second phase of treatment, for one year, after the teeth were all in at age 12. Michael's self-esteem and confidence would have been hindered without Dr. Doug's help.

Anterior Openbite
Anterior Openbite

Gigi's exhuberant personality has always been with her. She can be seen at age nine when she started treatment with Dr. Doug, and after treatment was completed.Gigi feels so proud of her smile now. Her smile really has "pizzaz".


Gerard came to DR. Doug at age 8. Although he could have started at age 7, Dr. Doug said it was a good time to prevent further problems from developing. Gerard started a two phase treatment plan. The second one-year phase started at age 12 when all the permanent teeth were in. By starting early, it was not necessary to remove any permanent teeth! Modern, non-headgear techniques were used by Dr. Doug instead.


Liliana waited until age 12 to come and have Dr. Doug fix her teeth. She felt very bad about her teeth appearance and frequently had to put up with other kids' cruelty at school. Four teeth had to be removed to make room (something that can be avoided by starting much younger). Dr. Doug acheived a very nice result without her having to wear a headgear. Liliana, with Dr. Doug's help, will feel good about her beautiful appearance for the rest of her life!

Anterior Crossbites
Anterior Crossbite

Joseph was really bothered about his teeth because he liked to smile a lot but they were ugly. Dr. Doug told Joseph that he had many problems with his teeth, including a narrow upper jaw, crowding, and an anterior crossbite. Now that Dr. Doug fixe his teeth, Joe feels really happy about his smile. We think the girls will take a second notice too!

Posterior Crossbites
Posterior Crossbite

Adriana had her posterior crossbites corrected after all her permanent teeth were present. Although it is harder to do this way, Dr. Doug was lucky that Adriana was such a terrific patient. In less that two years she has a perfect looking set of teeth! No wonder she smiles so much!

Midlines Off
Midlines Off

Sarah came to see Dr. Doug when she was 7. Her mom works for a dentist and she wanted to take good care of Sarah's teeth. Early treatment made it possible for Dr. Doug to straighten her teeth without removing any permanent teeth. Sarah feels great about herself and is seen smiling all over town!

Teeth Erupting in the Wrong Place
Teeth Erupting

Does this person need braces? Actually if you really look closely, the upper right cuspid is a baby tooth. When Manu came to see Dr. Doug, he was shown on an x-ray that the permanent cuspid was stuck in the roof of his mouth! In less than 2 years, Dr. Doug brought the tooth down into the right place and gave Manu a beautiful set of teeth. Future, more serious problems were avoided by this orthodontic correction.

Prepare for Dental Work

Mrs. R lived 47 years with her teeth looking this way. Do you think she ever wished they looked beautiful? You bet! Today she wonders why she ever waited so long to see Dr. Doug. Her dentist was able to do some very nice porcelain crowns for her, but only after Dr. Doug was finished. He said you "can't build the house until the foundation is made right first". Smart advice!

Improve Looks (Orthodontic with Oral Surgery Approach)
Improve Looks

Kyieta makes Dr. Doug smile every time he thinks about her. Her story is not unusual. She came to see if Dr. Doug could help her look better and have a nice smile. Kyieta now enjoys all the benefits of a great smile, but her whole personality has blossomed. She is the most bubbly, energetic person, and just loves herself -- and those around her love her!

Improve Periodontal (Gum) Health
Gum Health

David was told by his dentist that he was going to lose his teeth due to crowding and poor gum health. After Dr. Doug made David's teeth straight, he was thrilled! He is now able to keep his gums clean by brushing easily and properly, and his smile will last forever!

Partial Treatment (one year or less)
Partial Treatment

Jessica, at age 15, is typical of many of Dr. Doug's patients. She took very good care of herself, and really wanted her smile to be perfect. She didn't like the small space in front and the lower crowding. After talking to Dr. Doug, Jessica's parents found the cost to be affordable and with about a one year treatment time, they decided Jessica could have braces. Today, her teeth are perfect! She had nice teeth before, but she feels so much better about them after Dr. Doug got finished.

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