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Happy Teeth!

Win an iPad, cash, and other prizes today!

Refer a friend, family member, or an acquaintance to our services, and you can win an iPad, cash, or other prizes once they begin their treatment!

Click here to refer a friend! Have questions about the Care-2-Share Program? Click here!

Care-2-Share Prizes

Each New Patient* You Refer:

$100 cash


Refer Three (3) New Patients*:

A new iPad!

*Subject to the terms, rules, and conditions below. Restrictions apply. For more information on details and rules for participation, please see below…

Program Rules & Conditions:

Only individuals who begin treatment with Dr. Johnson's office and services qualify as New Patients, under the Care-2-Share program.

Our office must receive the referral prior to the New Patient's initial consultation for treatment with Dr. Johnson's orthodontic practice.

There can be only one (1) referral related to each New Patient. If there is more than one referral submitted for that New Patient, only the first referral received will qualify for the Care-2-Share Program (according to the time of receipt of the referral).

Prizes can only be provided after sign up / first treatment of the New Patient.

No refering yourself, sorry :(

Referals cannot be used for a prize more than once. Like a ticket, your referral is good for its related prize, and is "used" once you redeem a prize.

Dr. Johnson's office reserves the rights to modify or terminate the Care-2-Share Program at any time.

If you have any unanswered question, issues, or concerns, please feel free to contact us.