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Care-2-Share FAQs!

What is the Care-2-Share Program?

It is a rewards program for orthodontic treatment. We send you prizes when you refer a new patient to our office. It helps us spread our reach to the community, and along with your help we bring out the most bright and beautiful smiles!

Why should I join this program?

This program provides great benefits for something which many people already need: Orthodontics! If you know of someone who might need orthodontic treatment, we want to reward you for it!

Who do I refer?

Anyone you would like! Please keep in mind while referring patients that prizes are not awarded until that patient has begun their treatment.

When does the program end?

Our office is currently planning to run the Care-2-Share Program until September 31, 2014.

When do I get my prize?

We will contact you immediately following the first treatment for the patient you referred. We can then either (1) send you the related prize immediately, or (2) log the referral to your account if you wish to continue towards a bigger prize.

How do I refer somebody?

Please fill out the form with the listed information so that we can keep record of your referral for that New Patient. You can find the referral form online by clicking here

Why do you offer this program?

We have put forward this Care-2-Share Program in an effort to provide better health care for our own community. With this program, we believe that more individuals will have the opportunity to realize the benefits of orthodontics.

Can I refer a new patient even if I am not a patient of Dr. Doug?

Of course! Anyone can refer a new patient and still qualify for the program, whether you are a patient or not!

Are there any rules or restrictions to the Care-2-Share Program?

Yes, the rules can be found by clicking here

Still have questions? Please contact us and we would be happy to answer them for you. Refer a new patient Return to prizes page For more information on details and rules for participation, please see below…

Program Rules & Conditions:

Anyone is allowed to participate in the Care-2-Share Program and receive its prizes and benefits.

Only individuals who begin treatment with Dr. Johnson's office and services qualify as new patients, under the Care-2-Share Program.

Our office must receive the referral prior to the patients initial treatment with Dr. Johnson's orthodontic practice.

There can be only one (1) referral related to each new patient. If there is more than one referral submitted for that patient, the first referral received will be take priority (according to the time of receipt of the referral)

Prizes can only be provided after sign up / first treatment of the new patient.

No refering yourself, sorry :(

Referals cannot be used for a prize more than once. Like a ticket, your referral is good for its related prize, and is "used" once you redeem a prize.

If you have any unanswered question, issues, or concerns, please feel free to contact us.